Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA Capacity: 2,000 Website: avalonhollywood.com This club lives up to its name in plenty of ways, not the least of which is the historic structure it inhabits — The Hollywood Playhouse, built in 1927, has been home to countless prolific acts and events spanning generations, from the Beatles to the Grammys.


Cielo is a state-of-the-art space in downtown’s ultra chic Meat Packing District that provides sophisticated fans of electronic music with a specialized space, tailored to their tastes. It is a haven for individuals seeking culturally rich nightlife with neither the hassles of large clubs nor the elitism of upscale lounges with too many VIP rooms.


Location: Miami, Florida Capacity: 2,500 Website: clubspace.com A longtime Miami staple — and fixture on our Top 100 Clubs list — Space Miami has been under new ownership for a little over a year, and the 24/7 club now feels like a fresh, inspired reboot of the iconic Ibiza outpost we all knew and loved.


Location: Washington, D.C., USA Capacity: 3,000 Website: echostage.com La visione di Echostage è sempre stata chiara: un nightclub ibrido e una sala concerti che offre un’esperienza immersiva di festival all’aperto tutto l’anno con il comfort e la comodità di uno spazio interno. Trovare quel punto debole tra l’intimità di una discoteca / sala concerti e l’esplosione di un


Mentre il centro di Los Angeles subisce una rinascita culturale, Exchange LA rimane una delle sue principali istituzioni per la vita notturna. Il club deve gran parte della sua magia alla sua sede unica: Exchange LA è ospitato in quello che era precedentemente l’edificio della Borsa di Los Angeles. Quando la Pacific Coast Stock Exchange


Camboriú, Brazil Capacity: 12,000 Website: greenvalleybr.com L’hanno fatto di nuovo! Il club che ha superato il sondaggio nel 2013 e 2015 – ed è stato tra i primi tre anni – è tornato all’apice ancora una volta per il 2018. Quindi congratulazioni a Green Valley in Brasile, che aveva anche il calciatore di livello mondiale Neymar a

LAROC Brasile

Location: Valinhos, Brazil Capacity: 5,500 people Website: laroc.club Situated slap-bang in tropical paradise due north of São Paulo in Valinhos, Laroc is a truly singular venue in every sense. A breath-taking open-air structure in the middle of a lush valley surrounded by forests and mountains, it’s a place where festival and super-club vibes combine by way of a

Le Bain NYC

Le Bain is situated on both the 18th floor and the rooftop of the New York City Standard Hotel in Manhattan, and offers indoor and outdoor options respectively. Downstairs is the darkly-lit clubbing area with heated indoor pool, while the upstairs rooftop area is more laid back, plush with artificial grass, waterbeds, and a crepe

OMNIA Las Vegas

Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA Capacity: 4,300 Website: omnianightclub.com It’s nearly impossible to top Las Vegas clubbing behemoth, OMNIA. Spread across 75,000 square feet, this massive playground is built on luxury for a high-class nightlife experience open to anyone. The main club is an immersive audiovisual and architectural feat, all anchored around a grandiose kinetic chandelier weighing 22,000


Output is open to anyone, but is not for everyone. Output welcomes individuals who value the communal experience of music over cameras and bottle service. Since opening in January beside the Wythe Hotel, Output has lured techno geeks and Manhattanites to an industrial stretch of Williamsburg rapidly evolving into the borough’s meatpacking district. A neon-illuminated

Sound LA

The name says it all: Sound. The Los Angeles club, found right in the heart of Hollywood just off the Boulevard, prides itself on its custom-made sound system, part of a new product line from Funktion One. The setup is armed with a 3D mapping system which controls both the mood and atmosphere of the


Location: Itajaí, Brazil Capacity: 2,500 Website: warungclub.com.br Pochi club ti permettono di divertirti immerso nella natura come Warung, che ha compiuto 15 anni alla fine del 2017. Il famoso beach club ha un’architettura ispirata a templi e musica musicali indonesiani all’aperto fino al sorgere del sole. Quando lo fa, appare dapprima attraverso le fessure del legno a un’estremità,

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