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, 17-18 Irving Street, Leicester Square, London, WC2H 7AU

This club is absolutely appalling.I should have known better when I never received a response to my online booking through their site of a booth.Was having a birthday party celebration on Friday 11 Nov 2011 and thought this would be a lovely venue as it was central to all transport for my guests.2 of my guests got there early and were treated rudely, they messaged to say they were leaving as the place is a dump.When I got there and spoke to the door person, presumably the manager he was quite rude, and then roughly grabbed my hands and stamped it and let us in.On entry we saw EXACTLY why it was called a dump by my other guests. The furniture is tacky and not very clean, no one is coming around to clean/clear the glasses or wipe the table.After about 20mins wait we got seating downstairs thanks to a kind waiter. As you walk down the stairs the stench of urine hit you from the toilets as the doors were wide open.Caution to ladies, the toilet doors do not lock.We had vouchers for drink specials but were told it was only available at the bar upstairs, so we had to keep walking upstairs if we wanted cocktails or to use the vouchers.At 11:30pm we had placed and order for drinks, and while waiting for the incompetent and RUDE girl serving to get it right -AFTER TAKING OUR MONEY, our friends were coming upstairs with coats in hand and the security going around clapping hands at people telling them ‘ok we are closed now, you gotta leave’.Of course we had just paid for and only just received 5 drinks.Asked for plastic cups to take our drinks with us, they did not understand what we meant by PLASTIC CUPS, when she finally got it, she said ‘we don’t have that here’.We were forced to rush down our drinks, and made to feel very unwelcome at this club.DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE. NOT WORTH IT.

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