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20/08/2013 USHUAIA Ibiza


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This summer revered Cadenza musician, Live specialist & producer extraordinaire Reboot is launching his new Rock N Beats project at the new The Ushuaïa Tower.

Reboot is inviting DJ peers and friends like Markus Fix, Guti, Martinez, Michel Cleis, Chris Tietjen, Adam Port, Julietta & Ana, to name a few.

ROCK N BEATS is new and exciting with a bit of a twist, just like The Ushuaïa Tower. Reboot will be joined by some of the rock royalty from the music world. It is a scene that has very much influenced the career and music of Reboot and now he wishes to combine these two elements into Rock N Beats. The name of the night is also a reflection that DJs now live the lives of rock behemoths from days gone by – they turn up to gigs with a big entourage, whip up a sweaty frenzy on the dance floor then hit the road again immediately to do it all again.

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