Fatboy Slim – Milano

15 mar 2019
23:00 – 05:00
Locale /
Magazzini Generali
Via Pietrasanta 14, 20124 Milano (MI)

Fatboy Slim

Venerdì 15 Marzo 2019

in collaborazione con
Detroit Milano

Fatboy Slim

From the beaches of Brighton passing through those of Rio, up to the performance on the Chinese Wall. These are just some of the most evocative locations where Fatboy Slim performed. His idea of ​​partying made it full on the beach of
Brighton in 2002 playing in front of 250,000 people and then repeated in Rio shortly thereafter with 360,000 people. FBS is not only a DJ and one of the most influential producers of the last 20 years but it is above all a key figure without which electronic sound could never have approached pop music. His big-beat sound has given rise to a fusion between digital sound and pop music, mixing different samples pop, rock, funky, jazz, soul and many other styles. In 1996 Fatboy Slim took the king’s scepter from the scene. In these years he has traveled the world bringing pure energy through his way of conceiving the concept of “party” … what we will surely see in this highly anticipated event at the Magazzini Generali!

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