So manly was Austria’s Prince Albert that he ended up (unbeknownst to him) getting an intimate piercing named after him. So discombobulated is Britain’s Charlie that he’s been given the dubious honour of having this bar on Berlin’s Moritzplatz named after him.

Well perhaps not officially; the Prince Charles was actually named after its spot on Prinzenstrasse and the former property owner Carl Bechstein, but a signature drink spiked with Earl Grey does set assumptive minds racing.

Set in a beautiful old house, a long ramp leads you through to an open courtyard with neon-lit seating areas for chilling, whilst inside the old pool-house has been transformed into a bar, the old tiles still making a guest appearance throughout.

Light bulbs dot the ceiling like stars, drinks can be ordered from the sunken bar, and the DJ spins in the corner as the rest of the space becomes a dance floor. No Windsors, but plenty of Kreuzberg nightlife royalty and hipster paupers.

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